Review – Treadwright Axiom All Terrain Tires

It’s a brand new year and we are definitely excited here at the 4WAAM offices. To kick off the new year here is a brand new tire review. Check out the Treadwright Axiom all-terrain tires.

Axiom On Road

Predictability, stability, and comfort are all positive adjectives used to describe how well something performs. The Axiom offers all of these to the average driver.

The tires offer predictable handling with good feedback as to what they are doing. They let you know when and if you are on the limit of traction. The one area that could be better is wet weather traction.

Judging absolute wet weather traction with a pickup truck is difficult. With the low weight over the rear axle of a pickup, traction is already at a premium, combined with the slick conditions it makes life fun for some and nerve-racking for others.

On dry pavement the tires have a stiff enough sidewall that deflection is minimal, handling stays neutral, and road noise is mild at best.

Axiom Off Road

The Axiom is a mild all-terrain tread pattern so we didn’t expect a lot of off-road performance. Nothing could be further from the truth. The tires handled gravel, dirt, and mud without any major issues or surprises.

To be clear they aren’t an aggressive tire, they do pack up with mud and run out of traction in the slick watery muck.

If your grand plan is to make it to the fishing hole, go camping off the slightly beaten track, or just improve the traction of your SUV in bad weather then the Axiom is a great choice. Especially if you want to save the environment and save money at the same time. We have covered the process of making Treadwright’s re-mold tires before and the same process is used on the Axiom.


For those of you that own an SUV, a light duty truck, or even a CUV these tires are a great value offering above average performance, below average price, and made by a company that’s as American as apple pie.

Buy yours here for around $120-$180 depending on size.

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