About Us – Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to 4 Wheels and a Motor, a veteran-owned web-based magazine and video site. While print is not dead, it is a dated format that cannot show videos, be updated daily, or have new content and comments added in real-time. Even the biggest names in publishing now have web portals.

That’s where 4 Wheels and a Motor excels. We are a strictly web-based magazine, with no subscription cost, covering all things 4 wheeled. From trucks to cars, UTV’s, ATV’s and whatever else fits the description of 4 Wheels and a Motor. There will be some things we cover that won’t fit that category but contribute to the lifestyle we love and enjoy.

What we will do: We will review parts, accessories, gear, vehicles, write editorials, make videos, and generally stir up some staid reporting that permeates the industry.

What we won’t do: We do not accept payment to write reviews, we do not accept goods or services to write positive reviews. If we give a positive review it is because we believe that the product deserves it. We will also write about what a product lacks, what we think it could do better, and what items we wish it didn’t do. Companies working with 4WAAM should expect 2-way dialogue, questions about what they thought during design, and why they chose a certain direction or compromise. 4WAAM readers should expect honest reviews, with real-world testing, and a dialogue with the author through our comments system.

We are a crack team of semi-professionals at everything we do. Whether it’s our careers in the military, working as a tradesman, or wrenching and racing we are always almost good at it! We are enthusiasts just like you and just want to share our passion! We hope you enjoy reading and sharing with us.

Lastly, we are going to focus on original content. There are plenty of sites to get the latest news. We will share press releases from our sponsors and from other sources that fit our content.

4 Wheels and a Motor