Review – Falken Tires WILDPEAK MT01 Off Road

It’s been quite some time since the initial review of the Falken WILDPEAK MT-01 on road review. My schedule has been so busy that going off road has been put way too far on the back burner. That was remedied this past weekend and hopefully, there is more to come.

I have already shared some of the videos on Instagram and covered some of the same ground we have in the past to show how they perform.

I love using this spot because it’s a climb, a washout with lots of articulation, and loose material to make traction more difficult. It easily and accurately shows if a tire is useful or going to give problems.



There wasn’t a whole lot of water or mud to deal with since these tires were put on. The last couple of days have finally given some mud and we will come back with some more testing after we play around a bit.

Wet traction on pavement continues to be excellent. Dry traction is passable but these tires are just not comfortable. They move a lot, the lugs are not stable, and they never feel planted on road. If you were buying these as dedicated off-road tires you would be happy – but if you need to travel a lot of miles on road you might want to consider some other options. The Interco TrXus tires we tested previously are better all around tires and far and away superior on road tires.

Off-road traction was stellar even though I didn’t air down for our ride this weekend. Up and down the trails they grabbed and performed flawlessly. If there is one thing I can say about the WILDPEAK MT01 it is they are tough tires. Leaving them at full air pressure meant they were far more susceptible to damage, gouges, and punctures. That’s part of the reason I didn’t air down, to see how their sidewall held up. Other than looking like they had hit every curb in the city there was no damage and the scuff marks were purely superficial. Like was said above, if you want an off road oriented tire at a good price point these are a solid buy. Just don’t expect to like them on the highway.

WILDPEAK Tire Wear and Final Thoughts

Despite several thousand miles and multiple long trips, these tires are barely showing wear. It’s surprising considering the amount of movement they transmit through the suspension.

At the end of the day, these aren’t bad tires. When you consider the price was $308 per tire at the time we got ours they are a heck of a value. If you can ignore the on-road vagueness and ride, or only plan to use these to get to the trails they might be just what you are looking for. If you need a tire for long on road trips or daily driving do yourself a favor and get a better tire.

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