So I sit here once again trying to repair something small on the JL, and once again the part I need is on national backorder. Frankly it’s getting a bit tedious.

First it was the axle seal.

Photo courtesy RnR Auto and Off-Road

A few months back I had a new 4.88 ring and pinion gear installed. During the process one of the axle seals started leaking. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence and you would think that the seal would be an easy part to source.

Like me, you would be very mistaken. All those websites that tell you they have everything – well they don’t. Neither did any dealer, no aftermarket alternatives, and a healthy multi-month wait.

It took engaging Jeep Cares and plenty of phone calls to finally get my hands on one.

Now I can’t seem to find an axle vent tube.

Once again my predicament is something that happens. During the replacement of my front axle control arm bushings, I managed to damage the vent tube. It’s thin pot metal and perfectly in the way of replacing the axle side bushings. Thank you for that design gem Jeep.

I figured not a big deal. Dana 44 axles are a dime a dozen and this part can’t have changed all that much. Apparently automotive designers like to change things just because they can.

The vent is backordered nationally, and wonderfully enough even the order I placed was canceled due to an unknown delivery timeline. I get that Covid-19 has impacted manufacturing but the odds that every axle vent tube in the country was sold seems slim.

I can’t even engage Jeep Cares without an active order, and I can’t get an active order if the supplier cancels it.

If anyone has a JL axle vent tube laying around let me know.

Seriously, I could really use one. JL Rubicon Dana 44 front axle vent tube. The part is $12 from many resellers.

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