Baxter Performance Adapter – The Wrap Up

At the beginning of 2022, I reviewed the Baxter Performance Cartridge to Spin-On adapter. I always knew this would be a tough review in terms of how to show its value without a complete side-by-side tear-down comparison of the wear on two engines.

What can I say about overall value and performance?

There are still a few things to say about the Baxter Performance adapter. It provides peace of mind knowing that oil is present where it needs to be during cold starts. The engine is noticeably quieter during start up, particularly first thing in the morning or after sitting for several hours.

We didn’t have metal on the oil drain plug prior to the unit so it’s hard to quantify if it’s helping wear. Like many things, this is a preventative measure versus a performance enhancer. The longer you use it the more it does for you.

There are some issues with the adapter and overall use.

As noted in the original article the adapter did not fit the latest generation Wrangler with the E-Torque engine. Interference with the generator assembly meant we had to send this to one of our supporters in California. Baxter has released a remote filter version “Pentastar 3.6L 2014 and newer MR-202-BK Cartridge to Remote Adapter” for $329.95. The new remote adapter is cheaper except when combined with the remote mount that is required the total climbs to $685.95. We haven’t tested this unit ourselves but looking at the design it appears it could interfere with some skid plates and accessories that attach to the motor mount.

Baxter Performance remote filter mount for JL and JT Jeep

We had trouble finding service centers willing to change the oil. The process of purging the valve to release the oil to drain and the non-standard filter made most shops hesitant to work on the Jeep. For most DIY types this won’t be an issue but for those who don’t want to or can’t change their own oil this is a deal breaker.

Should you buy it?

I usually have a pretty strong opinion whether an item is worth buying or not. When I first got the unit to test I was super excited and looking forward to the added protection. As the small issues stacked up when it wouldn’t fit, the oil change shop issues, and an oil spill when the valve didn’t purge completely I was less excited. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad buy or that it doesn’t protect your engine from additional wear. My advice is if you are worried about premature wear in your engine it’s a valuable part to give you peace of mind.

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