What Tools Do You Carry When You Travel?

I go through cycles where I start with a minimal tool roll and gradually work up to the point that I need a complete roll-away chest and a support truck to do a fill field rebuild.

What tool can you not live without?

Is there one tool that you will always have with you no matter what? For many, it’s a multi-tool something I have been known to carry from time to time. Given that 9 times out of 10 I really only need the pliers out of the tool and use a regular knife for cutting duties that’s where I am today. If I had to pick one tool for me it’s a good quality pocket knife.

What’s the most overrated tool you thought you would use all the time and never did?

For me, it’s been my Hi-Lift jack. I did an entire video series on another site detailing techniques for using a Hi-Lift jack and have since never used it again. There’s always been another way to get done what I needed to do. 

Is there a tool you wished you had?

I often want an on-board welder. Given that I have never actually needed one for my own rig, it’s another tool that is more vanity accessory than necessary, but then so are chrome wheels and loud radios. 

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