Mastertop Soft Top Window Storage Bag

I like taking the windows out and lowering the soft top on the Jeep. What I don’t like is having windows that look like they were cleaned with sandpaper.

There is not a lot of space in a 2-door JL to store anything. Jeep made life even more difficult with the latest soft-top design. Don’t get me wrong the new top works really slick. It’s easy to open, easy to close, and so far completely watertight.

You can see the plastic corners on the right side of this image.

The oddity of the new top is hard c- pillars instead of soft corners like the JK. Much better for rigidity and top durability, much harder to store. The Master top window bag I tested is marketed for the 4- door JL but they do say the 2- door windows will fit with some size issues.

The ends of the bag are rounded to allow the rear corners to fit. There are felt material separators to protect the windows from scratches and so far are doing a good job. The bag is made of the same sailcloth material as the top.

The issues.

The windows fall down in the bag even though the bag is designed to be stored upright. That puts weird folds in the windows and makes the bag less than ideal for its intended purpose. In the sales description for the storage bag, it says it works with a 2-door but it isn’t a perfect fit and requires some compromises. This is mostly due to the 2-door windows being larger than the 4-door and the rear cargo area is narrower on the 2-door versus the 4-door.

The Mastertop window storage bag is only $99 and, if you have a 4-door Jeep, the bag will protect your windows from scratches. However, because of the windows sagging in the bag, and the fitment issues with the 2-door, I can’t give this a full recommendation to buy.

Stay tuned though as I will be reviewing a window storage bag from BJD Customs that looks promising.

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