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You just purchased that snazzy new Wrangler, it’s everything you wanted in a Jeep. The right color, wheels, options, and a factory soft-top. Then you go to drop that top for the first time and it hits you that you paid over 40K and you don’t want those new soft-top windows scratched and damaged in the first six months of ownership.

If you are also like me you may have purchased a two-door Wrangler and storage space is limited to recovery gear or passengers.

Soft-top window storage bags are the answer – but not perfect.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a solution that was practical, cost-effective, and allowed me to take the windows with me in case of a change in weather. Which led me to several different storage bag options and not much else.

The biggest issue when looking for a bag is finding one that says it can handle the side windows from a two-door Wrangler. The side windows on a four-door are shorter front to rear meaning four-door specific bags are not large enough.

BJD Customs Bag – Full featured protection made in the USA.

All of that searching eventually led me to BJD customs. The BJD bag offered a combination of features at a competitive price point that no other offering could match. The bonus of being made in the USA was also too good to pass up.

There are two features that I think really separate the BJD window storage bag from competitors. The felt-lined separators are stitched at the sides so they don’t sag and slide when the bag is moved. You don’t have to worry about them rolling up at the bottom of the bag and exposing your window plastic to rubbing against each other. The second feature is the hook loops at the top of the bag for storage on a wall.

Being able to securely fasten the bag in the hanging position adds another layer of protection that other bags just don’t offer.

This video from the manufacturer demonstrates what I mean perfectly.

How well does it work?

Before I hit that particular point I want to talk about how Jeep could do a far better job of designing the soft top and a storage solution into the Jeep itself.

The Ford Bronco can store its own doors in the cargo area when they are removed. Jeep has nothing like that available. With products like Gorilla Glass that is more scratch resistant and flexible it pains me to deal with the same technology as 30 years ago. The latest soft-top windows can’t even be rolled up like previous iterations.

In terms of the BJD Customs bag it works wonderfully. While not designed with the two-door in mind I have managed to make it work to carry my windows in the Jeep with and without the rear seat installed. (The rear seat is removed for the pictures)

As you can see it fits very well and allows you to carry your windows easily without taking up the cargo area. It does limit rear seat passenger room so there is a definite trade off. This short video shows how easy it is to remove the windows from the BJD Customs bag and reinstall them.

The verdict.

Priced at $145 and with free shipping for US orders you really can’t beat the BJD Customs bag. Quality construction, good design, and multiple options for storing your windows make this product a certified winner.

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