Review – JeepTops USA Soft Top Boot

Around here we love our Jeep soft tops. They, unfortunately, are messy and sloppy and tons of people cannot fold them properly. We plan to have a video detailing using the Sunrider option and another folding.

Today we look at a great way to clean up the rear of your Jeep with the JeepTops USA soft top boot.

From JeepTops USA “Made from premium nylon reinforced marine vinyl that’s designed for extreme outdoor conditions. Boots feature Neoprene Nylon faced end-caps with a full envelope vinyl enclosure to wrap and tuck your soft top. The end caps ensure a nice fit around the metal frame components, while the vinyl boot keeps the top tucked in a neat package. Three heavy duty straps featuring our unique quick release /compression buckle combination keeps everything tight and in place.

They are available in 10 standard solid colors and are also available in Moon Shine Camo® prints.”

There are a few reasons why the Soft Top Boot is a great product. Number one is it is one of the few products that fit the standard top and the Twill top. Often the folks with the Twill or Deluxe top are left out in the cold.

Number two is the protection it offers your top. Protection from the damaging rays of the sun to the inside layers when folded. Mud dirt and grime protection when running topless is the main reason we love the boot. Drop into a mud hole and get some tire spin your Jeep loves to drop the mud right into the interior and all over your top. We are still cleaning residue from an event a year ago. Wrap it in the Soft Top Boot and it stays clean and dry. Handy when you need to use it the next time.

The number 3 reason is looks. Not only does it hide all the folds of the top but the compression straps reduce the overall height of the top. That gets it out of your view looking rearward and reduces drag from the wind. We won’t say it will improve your gas mileage, but when your top is all folded and covered it definitely catches less air than normal.

The boot is easy to install, looks great in multiple colors offered, and priced at $119 direct from the manufacturer in 12 different colors it’s a good deal.

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