Review – Coyote Boltless Beadlocks on Raceline Wheels

First, out of the box we did something that no guy usually does…..we read the instructions. We quickly learned that reading the instructions was the easy part of the installation process.

One of the first necessary steps we tackled was grinding the lip of the tire so that the edge of the tire is smooth. A sharp edge will cut through the tube of the bead lock. This process is intense and tedious as you have to be careful when grinding this area as you can damage the tire to the point where it will not hold air. (Editor: Per Coyote Enterprises – This has not occurred to date and it would require significant material removal.)This was also messy and not very pleasant to smell…….. FYI,  Yankee Candle does not have a burnt rubber smelling candle and for good reason.

When it came to prepping the wheels, everything went smoothly as the only thing needed was a small hole with a countersink. 

Next came putting all the pieces together and the use of or access to a tire machine is critical.  This would also be a good time to have an extra pair of hands as there are a lot of moving components and one person does not have enough hands even with a tire machine.  Make the proper arrangements that best suits you. 

One thing we did was exercise the tube by inflating the tube numerous times then deflating the tube numerous times. This step works out any folds or creases to ensure a proper seat.  All tires held air at 35 psi, 40 psi for the inner liner and everything seemed to seat well.

Check out the install video from Coyote Enterprises.

After finally mounting the tires onto our Jeep, we pulled it up onto the trailer as the next day we were hitting the trails!

The very next morning as we were inspecting that the Jeep was securely strapped down for towing, we noticed a flat tire which turned out to be a loose valve stem. PHEW!

After some air and some glass cleaner, we simply tightened the valve stem and aired the tire back up to 35 psi tire and 40 psi for the inner liner.

Once we arrived at the destination we quickly examined the tires and everything was still holding, no flat tire. 

I began prepping the vehicle for the trails and aired down all four tires to 15 psi. 

After about a half hour of handling registration and prepping my group for the day, I came to my Jeep and again, another flat on a different tire.  Right away I checked the valve stem hoping that it was the same issue as before. Because I didn’t want to worry about the tires going flat throughout the day, I took 10 minutes to check all of the valve stems and make adjustments as needed.  

At the off-road park, we navigated over rocks, logs, mud, water, technical areas and other various terrains. When driving over the rocks it was noticeably a softer and smoother ride due to the beadlock run flat set up. 

We have put a few trips off-road on the Coyote Beadlocks with Raceline wheels set up and just as many on-road miles. 

They handle and ride well and even on a recent beach driving trip, there were no issues, aired up or aired down. All pressures hold true and even driving just on the run flat for a short distance, everything performed well as we were simulating a flat tire situation and driving off the trail. 

So, what are the perks to the Coyote Beadlocks with Raceline wheels?

First thing, the tires seem to ride softer and smoother with the beadlock and the peace of mind knowing that the tire will not come off the rim is priceless. 

Second is the ability to gently drive off the trail with a flat tire on the inner liner. This is a huge advantage for the off-road driver. 

Third, the tires air up and down faster with less volume to fill up. 

Number four may not apply to everyone, but in my line of work, appearing to have a less modified vehicle is crucial.  The strength and reliability are hidden behind the pairing of Coyote Beadlocks and Raceline Wheels which creates a look that is humble.

All in all, the Coyote Beadlocks with Raceline wheels is a great set up. We had to invest some time into prepping the tires but once we had a system in place, it went well. It did take us a solid two hours from start to finish. Remember to take your time, don’t rush and follow each step.  Before you know it you will be on the trails with your Coyote Beadlocks set up!

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