Initial Review: MOPAR 2in Lift

We may have to update the name of Project Hard Rock. This past weekend we added another JK to the stable of support vehicles for our ADV needs. It also means we can test more items to share with you and high light more products and new items for manufacturers.

Big shout to Adams Jeep in Annapolis for helping us with the new JK and for installing the MOPAR lift. If you ever stop in to shop ask for TJ and mention 4WAAM! More about the Jeep itself in another article, for now, let’s talk MOPAR lift kit.

What do you get in the box?


The MOPAR lifts are one of the more complete “short” lift kits on the market. Comprised of performance shocks, coil springs, front track bar, brake line brackets, cam bolts, rear track bar relocation bracket, steering stabilizer, sway bar links, and bump stops. It goes way beyond a “budget” lift or leveling it and transforms the Jeep suspension. The 2inch measurement is a bit misleading as well. On a stock 2 door JK with the original wheels and tires the lift was closer to 2.5 inches of ride height and after installing 315/70/17 tires it’s almost 4 inches higher than Project Hard Rock a stock Rubicon. The 2inch kit has enough clearance for those big tires with only a little contact on the plastic under bumper tray. (You can get Fox 2.0 shocks in an upgraded version of this kit.)

Initial performance.

The lift was installed Tuesday and the tires were installed Wednesday so this is a very preliminary review of performance and only for on road at the moment. The lift has given an improvement in every aspect of the on-road handling, ride quality, and control. Even with larger tires, the JK is more nimble, more stable, and less “squishy”. Road tracking is much more accurate and less vague.

No off-road review as of yet. Stay tuned!


This one is hard to measure at this point. Priced at $1450 the MOPAR kit is not inexpensive. For comparison, Teraflex makes a 2.5inch lift that retails for around $730 but lacks the extra brackets, steering stabilizer, and front track bar. The MOPAR kit also is covered by a factory warranty making it easier to maintain and service if you have issues. We will update this as use and miles take their toll and how well it stands up to any abuses.

The Wrap Up

The first few days have been great. It sits nice, it rides nice, and it handles really well. The components are finished nicely and have that factory fit you would expect. We could not be more pleased for the first crack at the MOPAR 2inch lift.

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