How To – Off Camber Lean

Dealing with different scenarios off road can be hard. It is especially hard when you are new to off roading and have never encountered the obstacle before. Keep watching our How To series as a foundation to get you started and don’t forget professional instruction is available. 

Driving off road means you will run into off camber situations. Depending on where you wheel you may run into them often. Knowing how to safely deal with the sensation of almost rolling over and what direction to turn your wheels to prevent a roll over are essential to not just conquering this terrain – but in making it fun.

Most new off road drivers will tell you that off camber terrain is the scariest. Most experienced off road drivers will tell you that off camber terrain is a blast and some of the most fun on the trails. It takes skill, experience, and a capable rig to tackle the really hard stuff but every driver can benefit from the tips in our video.

Sure this obstacle is small and safe. That’s the idea behind learning new skills, do them in a safe environment with professional experienced guidance.

If you have any questions about todays video post them below and we will try to answer them for you!

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