If you don’t know who Jon Olsson is, don’t feel bad, I certainly don’t know who he is. Even after this video, I can’t say I will watch another one from the apparently famous YouTube star.

If most Jeep Wranglers are pavement queens, the percentage of G500 Mercedes that see real off-road use is even lower. Not this particular build. From a little fun with leaves, sand, and some water sports it gets around. Well placed, ladder, a platform on the hood, and a very weight capable roof rack make it a beast to haul whatever you need.

800HP! The G500 looks really well put together in this video, it sounds amazing, it has plenty of gadgets, and of course, lights so it ticks all the faux overland boxes. I am definitely not sure why it has flashing lights and sirens but I could see having some fun with that feature.

Legitimately I really like this build. The ground clearance, the setup, the overall package is really nice. I wish it was mine.

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