TreadWright is a company that is constantly improving, innovating, and redefining the tire remold business. Here at 4WAAM we have always supported the idea of recycling and making old tires into a new useable tire combining the best compounds and tread designs while protecting our natural resources. What will be discussed:

The webinar will explore the technological innovation developed by TreadWright and their role in advancing tire recycling in the U.S.; TRIB will discuss broad sustainability goals of tire repair, retreading, and recycling; and a long-time TreadWright customer will discuss the user perspective.
Scott Cassel, Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Product Stewardship Institute


  • Suna Bayrakal, Senior Associate for Policy & Programs, Product Stewardship Institute
  • Tom Metzner, Environmental Analyst, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Anthony Showen, Chief Executive Officer, TreadWright Tires
  •  David Stevens, Managing Director, Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB)
  • John Knapton, Mountain Operations Manager, Big Sky Resort

To attend the free webinar follow the link and sign up: Product Stewardship Institute Signup

“The U.S. generates approximately 242 million scrap tires each year. An additional 67 million tires lie in stockpiles or illegal dumps, causing environmental threats and public health hazards like mosquito-borne illness and fire risk. Although there are tire recycling opportunities across North America, more than half the tires diverted from disposal are burned as tire-derived fuel (TDF). Although TDF produces energy, the process is more resource intensive than reuse or recycling scrap tires into new tires and other products, and is a missed opportunity to create additional recycling jobs. TreadWright, a Texas-based company, has developed a superior remolded tire that uses 70 percent recycled material, costs 40 percent less than new tires, and is approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. These remolded tires support Executive Order 13693, which requires implementation of “opportunities to improve agency fleet sustainability” and outlines measures to make the federal government’s operations more sustainable, including that “to improve environmental performance and Federal sustainability, priority should first be placed on reducing energy use and cost.” This webinar will explore the technological innovation developed by TreadWright to achieve goals of sustainability, performance, and cost, as well as discuss how to support market development for higher end uses of scrap tires through procurement and other policies. We will also examine TreadWright’s role in advancing tire recycling in the U.S. Our expert speakers will include a tire trade association representative, who will discuss broad sustainability goals of tire repair, reuse/retread, and recycling, as well as a long-time TreadWright tire user, who will discuss user perspectives.” (Info from Product Stewardship Institute)

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