As the OVERCLOCK3D build progresses, it’s important to have tires that can keep up. I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently running TreadWright Guard Dog tires on this build, and now it’s time to give you an update on how they perform off-road. Let me just cut to the chase:  They have been fantastic!First, let’s take a look at the tire. Many of you who have been in the off-road scene for a few years might immediately recognize this tire pattern as being strikingly similar to that of the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R.  In fact, many people immediately point out that fact when they first see them on my ride. While the Goodyear MT/R was a well-regarded tire, but make no mistake, these are not just an MT/R copy. There are some subtle, but important design differences with the Guard Dogs. The tread blocks are closer together on the Guard Dogs, but still clean out very nicely at the edges. TreadWright has also added additional siping, which gives more biting surfaces. I can’t speak to the difference in the rubber compound, but I can tell you that the Guard Dogs seem to have found a nice balance between sticky and durable.

Taking a look at the tire after a run in the snow really helps visualize how the tread design is so effective in a variety of conditions. You can see how the center lugs are tight enough to trap and hold snow, while the outer lugs are cleaned out for paddling through the deep powder. The lug sipes also grab some snow, which aids in traction. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the best material to get traction on snow…is snow.  Think about rolling up a snow ball to build a snow man. Snow sticks to itself very well.  So the fact that the center lugs hold snow so well is why I think these tires really do play well in the white stuff.

While trapping snow makes for a good snow tire, trapping mud does not make for a good mud tire. Again, that’s where the easy cleaning side lugs come into play. While playing in some really slimy stuff, I had no problems clearing the lugs with a blip of the skinny pedal. Here’s a pic of the little mud molds that were ejected during a run. Lets be honest here, they’re not likely to be the best performer in the mud tire class, but they did exceptionally well during my testing. What is more important for me, since OVERCLOCK3D is also my daily driver, is that they tackled all terrain situations very well – something that can’t be said for a super aggressive mud tire.

The alternating scalloped edge lugs really do seem to add the bite needed to get around. The tires performed well in wet and dry conditions alike. I had no problems getting around on wet days with no tire slippage. The tires seemed to stick well to slabbed rock, and held in 50 mph corners on dirt roads. I’m very pleased in the off-road (and on-road) performance of these Guard Dogs, and have no problem recommending them to others who are looking for a good all-round mud and all-terrain tire. Oh, I almost forgot…they also look really nice! 😉


The crazy thing about these tires are how much performance you get and what you pay for it. The 35 inch tire featured here retails for $174.99! Considering that these are remolds not only are you saving money you are saving the environment. For a recap of what a remold tire is check out our article Company Profile- Treadwright Tires.

Last but not least is a video showing off our fun in the outdoors doing what we do best.

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