Being the type of person who prefers to figure it out instead of planning a trip to the minute, finding a wheel called the Nomad seemed almost prophetic.

A Nomad is “A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer.”

TeraFlex Nomad Wheel

The wheel and tire market for the last five years has been inspiring. Mud-terrain tires that take several design elements from the more versatile all-terrain market. New tire materials, better mileage, longer tread wear, and better traction. Modular bead-lock wheels, wheels with bead retention ridges, stronger materials, better finishes, and now, built-in deflators.

That’s right; the Nomad wheel has two valve locations. There is the traditional valve stem for filling the tire with air. The other side can be outfit with the Air Deflator Kit, allowing you to twist a knob and drop your tire pressure to your desired preset.

That preset is set with an adjustment screw. Capable of going as low as 10PSI and flowing up to 40% more than the standard air valve, your trail day just got started a lot faster.

Composite rash ring.

Cast from heat-treated A356-T6 aluminum and outfitted with the optional rash ring, the Nomad should hold up to abuse very well. Standard 5×5 bolt pattern with 4.75 backspacing the wheel will also work with most JL/JT lift kits on the market.

It may be a few weeks until we get our’s installed. Waiting on the next set of tires to test and we haven’t quite finished with our current Yokohama GEOLANDAR X-AT.

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    1. We have not published the final review yet. I can say ahead of that article that the wheels have performed really well, they are durable, and the air down valve is pretty trick. There are a couple of minor issues with concerns about clearance to those valves and the caps can be difficult to remove. More to come in the article. I hope to have it published next week.

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