Reviewed – Audew Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner

Technology marches on, your smartphone is better than computers from a few years ago, apps have replaced programs, and life is mostly better for it. In that category of mostly better, the advent of Bluetooth enabled diagnostic tools allows anyone with a smartphone to get detailed information about their vehicle.

How does it connect?

When you first look at the packaging you will see three QR codes on the side of the box. The first two are links to the Android and Apple stores so you can download the companion app for the module. The third is a link to the Audew store. I really like this solution instead of typing in a long web address. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it worked.

Once you have the app downloaded plug the module into your OBDII port under your dash, connect via Bluetooth and look at your car’s diagnostics.

Why would I want a Bluetooth diagnostic tool?

For $34.39 you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing what is wrong with your car and saving money getting the right repair instead of the Facebook mechanic guessing based on their experience.

Because you can see and clear the codes you can save time and money on simple repairs and maintenance. Knowing the code your vehicle is showing also helps in getting repairs done with a dealer or local mechanic.

Watch it in action.

What’s the verdict?

Despite a few minor quirks the scanner works easily and quickly. There are a few sections that are not written in English but it does not hamper the use of the scanner. You definitely can get more information than a traditional scanner and seeing code history and duration between codes is a really nice diagnostic tool.

For roughly $35 you can see codes on just about every vehicle on the market. In my mind, that’s a good buy. If you want to buy one for yourself here is a link with a coupon code Audew M2 Code Scanner coupon code K8RB4FWX. There is a 10% coupon on the page, combined that drops your total to $26.39!

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