CB Radios are an integral part of our world, and it seems there’s no end to possible antenna mounting locations. Cool Tech LLC is a company offering an easy and inexpensive option with a JL Antenna Bracket that mounts to the hinge of your JL’s tailgate.

For $45.95 you get a stainless steel antenna bracket, two stainless steel bolts, and aluminum spacers with an easy to follow set of instructions.

The Cool Tech bracket goes outside the top hinge of your tailgate, the factory bolts get replaced with extended bolts included in the kit, and a set of spacers keeps your factory paint from getting scratched by spacing the bracket from physically contacting the hinge.

The kit worked well with our stock sized tire on the tailgate, and this bracket should be compatible with most tailgate reinforcement kits (different length bolts or removal of spacers may be required). Our primary concern with the design is the antenna mounting hole. It is on the left side of the bracket, putting it very close to the stock tire. With a 35 inch or larger tire, it could make contact with the bracket. Additional modifications to the vehicle may be needed. A solution may be to install the bracket upside down. It would give a little extra space, as long as you don’t mind the JL Grill design being upside down.

We feel the product overall is a decent option for the price. The company offers full CB antenna kits for Jeeps on their website. These kits include CB radios, coax cables, CB antennas, and mounting brackets.

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Alec Schreiber

Alec is a freelance writer for 4WAAM. When he isn't saving the world you can usually find him wrenching on a busted TJ.

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