Still thinking of what to buy your Jeeper? Well if the LitePANEL kit wasn’t to your liking maybe this less expensive but just as useful offering from Off Road Only will be the ticket.Meet the Hop Stopper. The simple, yet arguably most effective way to stop hood flutter. Many companies offer stronger replacement hinges for the side of your hood. They claim they will hold it down in even the harshest winds and only for $100!

Have you ever tried to hold a tarp down in a stiff wind by only holding the edges? It doesn’t work. Your hood is not any different. The factory latches, when combined with a Hop Stopper, are the ideal solution to eliminate flutter.

Here’s how it works. “Hop-Stopper is Off Road Only’s solution to the Wrangler JK hood flutter. This part is manufactured of stainless steel and assembles below the steel tube structure of the grill that the hood hook catches on. When the hood is closed, the hood hook passes through the Hop-Stopper and then simply push the lever to the closed position. The hood hook is retained solidly below the grille tube structure. Voila no movement at all! The Hop-Stopper is engaged by reaching through the middle grill slot and actuating a small lever. The unit is mounted high enough that you can’t see it from the front of the vehicle. Great for fooling would be hooligans from tampering with your Jeep.”

Check out the video to see how well it eliminates hood flutter. Getting your hood to stay will also help your fuel economy, less drag equals less fuel used.

Just in case you are curious here is the install video as well.

Priced at a $59.00 it’s the perfect stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift if you work with a Jeeper. We will have more products between now and Christmas as we highlight ideas for the off roader in your life.



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