Pop quiz hotshot. What do you need to do after you put larger tires on your Jeep? Reprogram the system to correct the speedometer, and to correct the shit points for an automatic to match the larger tires.

ProCal SNAP Install

Normally I wouldn’t bother with this section. The AEV SNAP installs like most others into the OBDII port. Where it differs is how it communicates with the Jeep.

Most use a jumper that plugs into the OBDII diagnostic connector. The latest Tazer Mini plugs into the connector and stays there.

The ProCal SNAP plugs into the GreenStar connector and the back of the OBDII plug. Both jumping the diagnostic connector and the AEV programming harness bypass the security gateway module. The SGW is designed to protect your vehicle from attacks via radio or cellular connections. The AEV harness leaves that gateway in place by going directly to the vehicle’s internal network.

The back of the OBDII plug is a pain to get to. There is very little slack in the harness and the harness AEV sends has very little give in the wire. The goal is to get the #1 wire into the upper left and the #9 wire in the lower left.

You can see the connectors have tabs on them. Those should point towards the locking tabs on the OBDII plug. Once the wires are inserted and you click the retainer in place on the OBDII plug the wires are locked in place.

I have done the install twice. The first time I removed the console brackets and pulled the carpet back as per the instructions. The second time I skipped all that and fished it under the console without all the extra work. It took 10 minutes, which is about 20 minutes faster than the first attempt.

Not a lot of features, not a lot of money.

The ProCal SNAP is possibly the least featured programmer on the market. It will change tire size, gear ratio, and transfer case ratio. The upside is it costs $125, which makes it extremely inexpensive to do the things you most need to be done. The SNAP comes included in any AEV suspension system.

AEV supposedly has an advanced version in the works but that message has been on the product page since the SNAP came out in 2018.

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  1. I received my Procal Snap with my AEV 2″ Spacer Lift Kit. My problem is I don’t know if it will work on an “aftermarket” radio….

    1. I don’t believe it can work with an aftermarket radio. It uses the radio for settings. The only caveat to that is if the radio is made to work with the factory wiring and steering wheel controls if you have them. Your best bet is to call AEV and ask about your specific application.

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