There has always been a trade-off when using rubber bushings for dual-purpose off-road suspension. They offer excellent on-road driveability, vibration damping, and control.

The trade-off has been the lack of flex compared to metal rod ends. Traditional rubber bushings do not rotate once tightened in place. They twist and offer resistance where a metal rod end will fully rotate on the mounting bolt.

If you need a practical example just unbolt one of your stock control arms and try to rotate it up and down. You will find it is under tension and will return to its original position. If you did the same thing with a metal rod end it would swing up and down with ease.

Independent rotation.

TeraFlex designed a solution to give you a better compromise. All of the benefits of the rubber bushing design, road isolation, bump absorption, and low maintenance combined with the additional rotation of a metal rod end.

Best uses.

If you only use your rig for off-road these aren’t the bushings for you. Those systems are better suited to purpose-built rod ends with stronger materials, higher operating angles, and no restriction to movement.

Where the IR bushings excel are dual-purpose applications. You drove to the off-road park or service road and need to drive home, and you want to do it in comfort without sacrificing performance off-road.

How to get them.

If you have an existing set of TeraFlex Alpine Arms or Sport Arms for both the JK and JL you can buy the upgrade kit to swap your bushings over. It’s a few hours of work for a ton of performance.

If you need new control arms they are offered for both the JK and JL platforms in their Alpine and Sport arm kits.

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