Sometimes vehicle concepts are horrible weird futuristic abominations that should have never left the designers hear, much less exist in sheet metal form. Other times they are so spot on you can’t believe they aren’t already in production. Check out the latest concepts from MOPAR that we think are ready for prime time.

Jeep CJ66

The Jeep CJ66 is the result of taking a Wrangler TJ frame, putting a Wrangler CJ universal Tuxedo Park body on it, and throwing some off the shelf Wrangler JK and Mopar parts.

Why? Mopar wants to showcase what can be done with their parts catalog and older Jeep models.

The narrow-bodied Jeep CJ66 rocks a 6 speed manual, modern powerplant, crate Dana 44 axles with a cold air intake and cat back exhaust. In a package that size it all should work remarkably well.

Dodge Shakedown Challenger

It’s called the Dodge Shakedown Challenger, the concept is pro touring. Modern muscle under a classic body. We like to call it “What the Challenger should have looked like all along.”

The concept has a hand built one off frame, a removable body based on a 1971 Challenger topped with a heritage inspired 1971 Shaker hood scoop. Those bits and pieces are parts from the Mopar brand’s modern day Shaker hood kit. This all feeds fresh air to the Challenger SRT 392’ 6.4-liter V-8, 485-horsepower, paired with a 6-speed manual.

Ram Macho Power Wagon

How about a throwback Ram Power Wagon. The Ram Macho Power Wagon was a Power Wagon trim level straight from the 1970s. There is a concept storage system called the RamRack. Tie down larger items and then the rack will neatly slide up and hide under the  sail panel when not in use.

The Ram Macho Power Wagon rocks a  4.0-inch custom lift kit, 37×12-in Nitto Trail Grappler MT tires, sitting on 18-in beadlock wheels. Macho Mango body color, slathered on the body, the wheel trim, and accessories the paint is accented with black graphics on the side and rear. They look a ton better than the normal splash pattern on current Power Wagon models.


Obviously the Shake Down is the least probable to ever reach production. The Macho and the CJ66 are off the shelf parts on existing platforms. The CJ66 you can build yourself and the Macho Power Wagon is some new accessories. Let us know what you think.

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