Truck Night in America, on the History Channel, will air its fourth episode tonight. I am going to watch the entire first season to see how it progresses and how the segments mature, but I definitely have some ideas to make it better right now. In the first three episodes the challenges have been diverse, the wining vehicle was definitely the best one there, and the production quality is really good. There are some issues though that I feel could be improved and make the show much more enjoyable to watch.

Number 1

Four hosts are too many. None of the hosts are particularly engaging or provide anything more than bro love and Yee Haws. Have four coaches that’s great. Each driver gets expert help and they have a diverse set of knowledge. Let one person do the talking. Mike Rowe, or someone like Mike, would be the perfect candidate. Knowledgeable enough, down to earth, and relatable. Coaches can focus on their drivers, their rig, and still add some commentary and cheerleading.

Number 2

The Green Hell is not an easy course, but it’s not the toughest ever designed. Not even close. It’s idiotic to even try to insinuate that it rivals the toughest courses developed. It’s designed to test several factors of the vehicles, balance, speed, traction, durability, and driver skill. It’s not the toughest course ever developed.

Number 3

Either make the show run longer or find a way to eliminate some commercials. The segments are too short and the show feels rushed. If the host job changes, more time should be dedicated to the coaches talking to drivers, and fabricating repairs. This way there is enough screen time for everyone, we get to see on the fly field repairs, and gain some knowledge from the coaches.

Number 4

This is more of a future fear instead of a current issue. When Peterson’s used to do the Top Truck Challenge it morphed from street vehicles into purpose built off-road vehicles rapidly. One of the initial appeals of this show was seeing some stock looking vehicles and something like the Grimm Creeper, a cobbled together parts bin of a vehicles but not a top dollar big tire rig. If it goes beyond the average viewers budget people lose interest pretty quick.

The Wrap

There is a lot to like about the show. It’s good fun, it’s got great production quality, the contestants have been good people and fun to watch. For longevity and interest though I believe the above items must be corrected. What are your thoughts?

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  1. My thoughts exactly. The four dumasses are useless and honestly make me not want to watch the show anymore. And so not the toughest course ever devised. I’m sure there are thousands of 4×4 enthusiasts who are laughing because they run through stuff like that every day. Start by getting rid of the four who do nothing but tell the drivers to step on the gas, pretty sure they know how to do that

  2. You have a lot of good points. I agree it should be kept to backyard builds. I also like the idea of Mike Rowe. However, I hope they keep all the hosts. Each one are really good people. Editing didnt do them justice. I’m not just saying this because I was on the show lol. 😁

    1. The hosts are an interesting group. I am sure they are all great people but the on set feel from editing is meh. Hopefully they will show them in a better light next season. Glad you liked my suggestion of Mike Rowe. We need to make this happen. I miss his narration from some of the older shows. We shall nickname you Teresa “Big Air” Lummus

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