When upgrading to anything from Warn you know that you are getting a product that is not only strong and dependable but also provides a pleasing and finished look to the vehicle….  Even if the vehicle is that of a CanAm Commander…aka Side-by-Side.

Installation of the Warn Winch Bumper onto the CanAm Commander was a perfect fit. The width is not wider than the Side-by-Side so there are no issues with the bumper coming into contact with obstacles found on the trails. Navigating through tight/twisty areas is not a problem with the Warn Winch Bumper set up.

The Warn Winch Bumper is a perfect example of companies that are transitioning over products from the full-size world into the side-by-side industry. As with a Jeep and a Warn Winch Bumper set up, the winch mounts higher providing better visibility of the winch and keeps it out of the elements such as mud, water, etc.

It didn’t take long out on the trails to see the obvious benefits of upgrading to the Warn Winch Bumper including improving the machine’s ground clearance and allows for better airflow for the radiator. The front grill also adds a visual aid so that the driver is able to be aware of how far out the bumper protrudes out.

The Warn bumper not only protects the front components of the side-by-side but adds extra protection overall to the machine itself from various aspects.

So how strong is the Warn Winch Bumper? Other side-by-side winch bumpers on the market today have a history of literally ripping off of the frame from the winch power. The Warn Winch Bumper was built to withstand the power of the winch and doesn’t falter by ripping off of the frame.

From the factory plastic bumper to the indestructible Warn Winch Bumper, the results have been outstanding. Just like with any other Warn product, they prepare your vehicle for the trails ahead with products that are built to handle any situation.

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