I first saw Warn’s epic shackles around 2 years ago and was very impressed by the nontraditional styling. When I finally saw one in person I noticed the weight rating of 9 tons, a standard shackle of the same size typically rated only 4 ¾ ton. I knew why Warn chose the word Epic for this product.

With the increased weight rating I wanted to get a set of the shackles right away and finally a  year later I was finally able to get a set. Not only did I get the shackles but Warn also released more Epic series products and we grabbed some of these as well.

I have been using the shackles and the rest of the Epic line on a regular basis putting them through daily duty as we run our instructional courses. How did they hold up? Never one to spoil a surprise read on to see how each piece held up to sever use and abuse.

Epic Line Shackle


Right away we noticed that there is a longer neck to these shackles which allows for a slightly larger bow for straps to fit in. Sizes come in ¾” and ½”. Off Road Consulting tested with the ¾”.

One of the negatives we had heard through different sources were that the shackles were prone to peeling coating and rusting. To determine if there was any truth to this we left our Warn Epic on the front of our Off Road Training vehicle to be used and abused daily on and off road.

Despite being dipped in mud on a regular basis, pulled and hooked to regularly, covered in bug debris from highway driving and the constant banging off the bumper, there is not a single chip. Not the best way to treat your recovery gear, it does simulate years of use quickly.

Factor in being dropped regularly during winch hook ups, recoveries, and other demonstrations the coating, but more importantly the product holds up showing only minimal wear and nothing that would take them out of service. Needless to say these are awesome shackles!

Combine the durability, reliability, and and increased capacity and you come up with a very versatile product.

Warn offers the following information:
“This forged steel clevis shackle provides a means for connecting the
looped ends of cables, straps, and snatch blocks. The shackle’s pin is
threaded to allow easy removal. For maximum protection against wear and
abrasion, the premium shackle uses Cerakote coating.

PN 92092 Epic Shackle – For 5,000 lb. (2268 kg) capacity winches and under.
1/2″ (12.7mm) shackle with 5/8″ (15.9mm) pin diameter.

PN 92093 Epic Shackle 3/4″ – For 18,000 lb. (8165 kg) capacity winches and
under. 3/4″ (20mm) shackle with 7/8″ (22mm) pin diameter”

Warn Epic Tree Trunk Protector


Tree trunk protectors are one of those items whose value is only apparent after using it. Besides protecting the tree, they make connections easier, and offer some different solutions to attaching a winch line. Right away we could tell the Warn Epic Tree Trunk Protector is unique so we took it to the woods and put it to work. We were a little skeptical with the steel rings as opposed to the loop ends in a normal tree protector. The steel rings add a little weight but they actually help make hook up a lot smoother and the rings allow for an easy seat in winch hook, steel shackle, or soft shackle. You can really see what I am talking about in the picture above under the shackle heading.

Again the product is tough and has been abused to the rated weights and keeps asking for more all while doing its job.

The red warning marker is always a wonderful add on for safety and shows you when the product needs replaced.

Warn offers the following information:
“The WARN Epic Tree Trunk Protector is designed to help protect a live tree
from damage during winching operations and self recovery situations. The
strap is constructed of premium quality nylon with an encased red warning
marker to indicate damaged webbing. Plus, end loops are reinforced with
durable forged steel ring connectors and E-coated for premium protection
against wear and abrasion.”

PN 92096 4″ x 8′ (10cm x 2.4m) Rated to 30,000 lbs. (13607 kg)

PN 92095 2″ x 8′ (5cm x 2.4m) Rated to 14,400 lbs. (6531 kg)

PN 92094 1″ x 8′ (2.5cm x 2.4m) Rated to 7,200 lbs. (3265 kg)

Warn Epic Snatch Block


You won’t hear the word beautiful often when it comes to recovery gear but this snatch block is constructed well and has beautiful styling. It makes you wonder if Warn can make something look less clunky and work better why don’t other companies? This isn’t the light weight, light duty models your used with stamped steel. These are heavy duty and built tough.

The built in grease fitting help keeps the pulley spinning freely and aids in longevity. When you have these types of forces happening in a recovery you want a product that can take it and the Warn Epic Line is that product.

“Used properly, the multi-purpose Warn Epic Snatch Block can double the pulling power of any winch or change your pulling direction without damaging the wire or synthetic rope. It also helps to reduce heat buildup and amp draw during recovery. Finished with E-coat and able to accept both wire and synthetic rope, the forged steel Epic Snatch Block is reliable,
durable and ready for action.”

PN 92097: Rated to 5,000 lbs. (2268 kg) winch capacity and under

PN 92188 Rated to 12,000 lbs. (5443 kg) winch capacity and under

PN 93195: Rated to 18,000 lbs. (8165 kg) winch capacity and under

Warn Epic Winch Hook


We tested the 18,000 lb. winch hook on our Toyota Tundra tow rig as it is a heavy vehicle and we wanted to have strength where we needed it most.

The size of the throat of the hook is more than adequate for bigger tree savers and straps, something not found very commonly with winch hooks. The auto closing clasp is a lot stronger than traditional winch hooks. Common hooks have a very cheesy clasp to close the throat. The epic winch hook has a beefy clasp that locks everything in securely. I wouldn’t say it is strong enough to pull on or offers the same additional safety of a thimble for example. It does however up the safety game for the common winch hook by a mile, and that is worth a lot.

Warn offers the following information:                                                                                         “Made from ultra-strong forged steel, the WARN Epic Winch Hook with E-coat finish provides maximum protection and reliability against wear and abrasion.”

PN 92090 (3/8″) For 12,000 lb. (4536 kg) capacity winches and under. Note:
will fit Spydura Ropes (PN: 87915 and 88468) and Spydura Pro (PN: 93120 and

PN 92091 (1/2″) For 18,000 lb. (8165 kg) capacity winches and under. Note:
Will only fit wire rope products, not Spydura or Spydura Pro. We found it
fit all of our synthetic rope and steel cables.

From real world recoveries to company winch training and safety demonstrations, Off Road Consulting has put the Warn Epic Line through real world use and abuse. The products have always come out on top. When you are out in the field and the trails call for a recovery, you want safe and reliable hook ups. With the Warn Epic Line you can be confident that when used properly no job is too tough for your recovery gear.

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  1. I have a question… I will ask WARN as well. The epic shackle is rate for up to 18000 pound winches. I can’t find a WLL rating. If used with a 15000 pound winch and snatch block, say in an extreme stuck with a heavy rig……and the snatch block gives the winch the ability to pull twice it’s rating ( at the drum level of line) will the epic shackle be OK with a potential 30000 – 36000 bound pull? Probable wont hit these loads, but mathematically possible. With the 18,000 pound winch rating, is a 2X plus safety factor built in ?? Thanks….

    1. I would recommend getting a stronger shackle to match up with a 15000-pound winch. These are designed more for the light truck, Jeep market, and their much lighter weight.

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