Fuel stabilizers are a necessity in this day and age. With Ethanol a permanent component of gasoline the need to keep water from permeating the fuel system is greater than ever. 

I previously reviewed a very good product from Royal Purple and wanted to check out this offering from Schaeffer’s Oil. There are some distinct differences and some nice touches that separate the Neutra blend from the competition.

“Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer is a highly concentrated multi-functional, ashless fuel stabilizer that is specially formulated for use in gasoline, diesel and L.P.G. fuels. Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer contains a highly concentrated additive package that when used at the recommended treatment levels provides the following performance benefits:

Increases MPG

Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer increase fuel mileage in three ways:

  • Fuel burns cleaner and more completely.
  • Carbon deposits are dissolved and burned during combustion, restoring lost power and performance.
  • Compression is increased as a film of oil is left on the compression ring.

The result is an increase in horsepower and fuel economy with MPG improvements up to 5%.

Extends Engine Life
Combustion temperatures reach 2000° F burning off any oil that might reach the compression ring. Neutra™ provides a film of lubrication to the compression ring, the upper cylider, valve seats and guides…reducing wear and extending engine life.

Cleans Injectors
Neutra’s gentle solvent action keeps injectors free from deposits, gum, and varnish that cause inefficient operation.

Minimizes Smoking
Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer atomizes molecules so that fuel burns cleanly and completely. It keeps engine parts free from deposits that cause inefficient smoky operations.” Courtesy Schaeffer’s Oil


These are anecdotal findings based on road testing that tracked MPG, tail pipe soot, and overall driving feel.

Neutra Fuel Stabilizer offered the same MPG improvements as our previous test with other additives. The one thing that differentiated the two is the Neutra formula gave a more lasting performance. It was several tanks before performance dropped off.

What I really liked was the performance impact the Neutra had on our diesel engine Grand Cherokee. There was a much bigger performance boost with the lubricity of the additive improving turbo performance as well as idle characteristics. It idled quieter and started easier.

The simple nature of using one product to enhance performance in all of your vehicles is a marvel of modern chemistry. Available at Amazon for $8.23 it’s worth every penny.

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