When we first talked about doing a lift on a budget project we first had to locate a donor vehicle that people loved to modify. That was when a friend of the site mentioned he had a well used Cherokee that was desperately in need of a suspension refresh. So we called Rough Country to help us out. To say that he was pumped would be an understatement. He had been driving his old Cherokee with its sagging original suspension for far too long. When I say far too long I am describing the rear leaf springs that bent up instead of down. Not exactly how that’s supposed to work.

From the owner “I always dreamed of a jeep with a lift and big tires but thought the price would be outrageous and the ride too rough for everyday use. Well, I am here to say that I was wrong.”

“I reached out to 4WAAM to see what could be accomplished. They informed me we could accomplish a great deal for thousands less than I ever dreamed of.”

“After many discussions, we settled on a tasteful 3-inch lift, with 31-inch tires, and some nice new wheels.”

The Lift

This is a very complete kit for less than $700. Full set of shocks, front control arms, leaf springs, front springs, and everything you need to install it. There are some very heated opinions about Rough Country components. Many people love them, and just as many can’t stand them. For this kit we are definitely fans.


It’s hard not to have better performance when your springs are worn out, the joints are dry rotted and gone, and everything else is rusted solid.

What we didn’t expect was to get a plush ride that has excellent road manners, and that wasn’t overly harsh. No squeaks, no rattles, and smooth on-road ride make the price tag seem like an even better deal.


We haven’t taken it off road a lot so that review will come later. For the on-road review and for our $2000 total budget this lift is a great deal. We got a 3-inch lift, better handling, better ride, and a much better looking Jeep Cherokee.

That’s really the great thing about an XJ, they aren’t expensive to buy, maintain, or modify. So get out there and buy your own and get started!

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