Traveling and trying new places is one of the great joys of life. Sometimes you end up like Walter Donovan, taking another’s advice and choosing poorly.

Red Caboose Motel

My poor choice for this trip was a Motel called the Red Caboose. The concept is really cool. Stay the night sleeping in a converted caboose. The pictures look amazing on their website.

Stock Image

You can see in the image above how awesome the room looks. Clean, neat, the walls are finished nicely, everything looks great. Here is a picture of our room.

Not so similar. The stock image is supposed to be the large family caboose. The photo above is supposed to be the same thing. Here are a few more interior shots to show some of the other issues that fall short of that beautiful image.

Usually, I am a very forgiving person and open to there being some issues with different destinations. The thing is I looked at other caboose exteriors and they didn’t look any better. Here are some exterior shots of our caboose to show you what I mean.


Why am I being so hard on a tourist trap destination? The room rate is $177 per night with tax in the middle of Amish country near Lancaster PA. In other words, you are paying a premium rate for a special experience and you are getting a third-rate room with a lot of cleanliness issues.

For the first time, I have a negative recommendation on staying at a location and I am really disappointed by it. I love trains and I wanted so badly to love the Red Caboose Motel. The little kid in me died a little after staying there.






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