Sometimes, no matter how performance oriented you are, you end up scratching that itch for new parts even if it’s just for looks. Nothing about the stock Wrangler soft top truly demanded a replacement but my favorite machine needed a new outfit. After quite a bit of effort exploring options, my JK got a brand new Rampage Trail Top.

Summary: This frameless top gave me everything I wanted along with a few great features. It’s a little more involved if I want to go completely topless but there are plenty of benefits that make up for it.

Rear Quarter

Appearance: The sail cloth itself is almost identical at first glance. It appears to be made out of the same material but if you compare the interior, you will find that the Trail Top is black inside and out. The factory top I replaced had a light grey interior color that easily stained from road grime and handling. The deeply tinted and large unbroken window panels keep the sleek “fast back” look nice and clean. Also, since this top hugs the roll bars for support, there aren’t any “boxy” corners or frame rail peaks.

Installation: The instructions that come with the top are very easy to follow. It can be a little time consuming depending on how difficult it is to remove the extrusion found on 2010 and later soft top door surrounds. Aside from that, the factory soft top can be removed by simply putting the top down and removing four torx bolts. Attach the windshield channel to your new Trail Top, lock it down with the provided knobs, and roll it back. A word of caution: Rampage recommends that installation occur on a warm sunny day so the sail cloth stretches better. Not following this critical advice could cause unnecessary difficulty.

Value: If you already have a factory soft top, the Trail Top is hard to beat. Depending on the season, you can expect to pay mid $300-400. The only extra part needed is the windshield channel, around $50. However, if you only have a hardtop, additional hardware will be needed (door surrounds and tailgate bar) increasing the price to the $600 dollar range.

What sets this apart from the rest: The sleek look that the Trail Top provides is similar to other frameless tops but they lack panel storage. When you decide to take the side and rear windows off, you are left trying to figure out where to store them while you enjoy the open air. Rampage solved this by adding a storage bag for the panels that hides underneath the main Safari flap. They really thought ahead on this feature too; the bag has cloth separators inside it to make sure your tinted windows aren’t rubbing against each other while stored. Another feature I wasn’t aware of until after install is Rampage sewed two mesh storage areas conveniently located above the driver and passenger sun visors. It’s a perfect place to store maps or small snacks while you are out on the trail!

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