We just installed our third exhaust system to test and we wanted to take a moment to do a final write up about our Pypes Performance High Ground Clearance (HGC) system. 


I am going to dive right into the review with what we liked about this system over the last year.

  1. Stainless Steel Construction
  2. Very reasonable price at $299
  3. Quick, easy, and adjustable fit
  4. Tailpipe is tucked high and safe from obstacles

The mid pipe is designed to be trimmed to fit. That means this one kit fits both two doors and four doors and allows you to compensate for differences between Jeeps.

The system has a great sound, there is a round straight through muffler, so it’s louder than some other systems. Despite not having a resonator or larger capacity muffler, there is no highway drone below 65 MPG. Over 70 depending on your gearing and RPM you might get some resonance. It’s all about engine load and without a secondary chamber to help counter the resonance – some drone is expected.


  1. Clearance to larger shocks
  2. Exhaust leaks
  3. Rattles
  4. Noisier over time

With the Pypes HGC exhaust, we had to relocate and eventually remove the rear sway bar due to interference between the exhaust, the remote reservoir shocks, and the sway bar. The over the axle bend is too tight to the spring and shock towers. The new system has a lot more clearance and plenty of room to run all three properly.

The other issue we ran into was leaking at all of the joints. We moved clamps, twisted, cajoled, and tried to persuade the system to seal better and it just never quite did. We could have added different clamps or exhaust sealant but that defeats the idea of reviewing an item as it is delivered.


Yes, there are some cons with this system. For $299 bucks and a full stainless system you can overlook these and spend the few bucks, it would take to improve these minor issues. Buy the exhaust sealant and better clamps to fix the leaks and possibly the rattles. Most people aren’t running the larger shocks either so it’s only an issue for a small group of people. We say if you need a stainless exhaust that gives you plenty of ground clearance and doesn’t break the bank call the folks at Pypes Performance and tell them 4WAAM sent you.

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  1. Might be a tad tight to the up pipes and engine block I had to loosen the bolts to get v clamp by engine block and is tight against up pipes.If it doesn’t rattle it will be fine. Might be the way you guys designed it he’ll I don’t know.Will let you know after I get it running.Put head gaskets and arp studs in it.Thanks Craig

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