It’s the dog days of summer, quickly approaching the end of August, and kids are already going back to school. Perfect top-down driving weather.

Several months ago I wrote about using the soft top boot to make your folded top a lot neater and more compact. The other part of that is the tonneau. Made of the same durable material the tonneau is a perfect match to the boot.

Designed to cover from the rear seat to the tailgate it keeps honest people honest and protects your belongings from the heat of the sun. It even gives a little weather protection. Don’t expect it to keep things dry in a downpour, there are far too many openings, but a light rain or mist it can handle for a short time. It is also great for keeping trail dust and mud to a minimum. Handy for those that wheel with the top down.

The tonneau can be difficult to stretch side to side, a small trade off for the tight fit. The hotter the day the easier it is to stretch.

The tonneau cover is designed to be used with the soft top on and folded. When combined with the soft top boot it works very well to clean up the rear of your Jeep.

The JeepTopsUSA tonneau is a very well made product. Priced at $129.99 I don’t have many complaints. The plastic they use that tucks into the lip to hold it in place is short and soft. That makes it a pain to install sometimes. Some of that is due to the Line-X I have on the tub of my Jeep, and some is due to the tension the tonneau is under when stretched.

If you drive with your top down often this is a great piece of mind to cover your gear and protect what you carry. Get yours here at

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