Hyline Offroad is a small manufacturer in Pennsylvania building and designing new high quality parts for Jeeps of all styles. We have previously reviewed their hood louver and now we have a set of their inner fender liners. (Spoiler: We had some input into the design)

Some of the things we have always hated about most inner fender liners are the lack of complete coverage, and when they limit wheel travel. Nothing worse than your tire catching your brand new inner fender and bending it when you go off road.

The picture above was taken after a hard day of off roading at Rausch Creek Off Road park. The Jeep has a 3.5 inch lift with 37 inch tires. If you are going to rub on the inner fender, this is a combo that will do it.


Body gap coverage.

Before I get too far let’s talk design details. There are several features that truly stand out about these fender flares.

The first detail is the fact that these inner fender liners cover the gap between the outer body skin and the inner tub. Most completely skip this area and allow mud and debris to fill the gap. This ends up as packed with a mix that ends up similar to concrete and eventually it all turns to rust.

Hyline designed the flares to fit the body contours and all of the angles that exist in your stock inner fender well. They also tuck back to the frame rail giving as much space as possible for wheels and tires.

Another design feature we are extremely happy to see is plenty of space for aftermarket bump stops. Leaving room above the spring tower to accommodate these upgraded parts is a great feature and many other companies parts don’t allow for it. They have vents in the way that if you cut them to fit the bump stop you would lose the structural integrity of the inner fender panel.

Fiddly Bits

If we had any complaints, and this is a minor complaint, they can be fiddly to install. There are a bunch of small screws and because of the effort that went into making them fit tightly… they fit tightly. It takes a little bit of effort to get the liners in place. In the end that’s a great thing, you don’t want sloppy and ill fitting parts.

Final Verdict

We have tried several inner fenders from other manufacturers and this is the first one that we liked. It fits the contours of the Jeep, it doesn’t rattle, they don’t limit wheel travel in any way when off road, and they look good as well. Priced at $274.99 they are good deal to boot.

Additional Photos

Close up shots of the custom Hydrographic.

Hydrographic was done at Custom Classic Coatings – Edgewater MD
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