Many people spend a ton of money replacing the factory axles in their JK with larger beefier Dana 60’s or GM 14 bolt axles so they can run larger tires.

It’s a tried and trued method to beef up your Jeep, it also comes with some negatives.

Axle Swap Issues

Swapping to one-ton axles comes with a slew of changes needed to make them work. New wheels, new steering, the expense of a direct fit housing or the cost of modifying one to fit and then we have to look at the reduced ground clearance of the larger housing.

For many, the complexities of having to customize their suspension, steering and dealing with the increased maintenance is a bridge too far.

Dana Spicer Axle Alternative

One of the reasons many JK owners ended up doing an axle swap was the axle tube weakness in the JK 44. There are countless stories of wheelers bending their housing on the rocks or similar off-road situations. Working with companies like Off-Road Consulting and our own time off-road we never experienced this issue so we chose to go a different route.

Working with the Dana Spicer aftermarket parts catalog we put together a full setup of parts to beef up our axles and improve their ability to handle the abuse we would throw at them without sacrificing ground clearance or dealing with expensive axle swap labor.

Dana Spicer Chromoly axle shafts coupled with Dana Spicer ring and pinion to seriously beef up our axles and add performance to our Jeep.

What we added.

4.88 Front 2019749 Ring and Pinion
Master Kit 2017106
4.88 Rear 2018747 Ring and Pinion
Master Kit 2017109

Axle Shafts:
Dana 44 1350 Series Outer 10015183, Inner Right 10015186, Inner Left 10015185, U-Joint 5-7166X
Dana 44 Rear Right 10038829, Left 10038828

For about $2000 you can really beef up an axle, correct your gear ratio for larger tires and make sure you get home from every wheeling trip.

Final thoughts.

This isn’t an upgrade anyone will notice. They aren’t flashy parts you can see but they are parts that give you peace of mind. Confidence in your running gear lets you enjoy each outing more and that’s worth it to me.




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