Bestop is probably the most well known top maker in the industry. They make all of the OEM tops for Jeep and of course have the inside line on making aftermarket tops for Jeep Wranglers. Does this mean they are the best?

We previously reviewed the “Rampage Trail Top” and really liked the features and the fastback look that so many are after. The Trektop NX uses a similar style but very different mounting approach.

The biggest difference is immediately evident. The Rampage top has no support bows and no other supports. The Trektop has two top bows and hard corner surrounds at the rear that give the top a more rigid structure.


Installation is stone simple. No really, the directions seem complicated but it really is simple. (The kit we received had the top bar and a new tailgate bar. These directions are for this kit.)

Remove the original top by opening the front and folding it as if you were opening the top. There are 4 Torx screws that hold the arms to the brackets. Remove these and then decide if you want to remove the brackets. I say this now because if you do like I did, you will install and then remove, and then reinstall the door surrounds. The brackets use the same size Torx screws, so we already have the right tool. Open the roll bar cover and take the brackets off.

Install a new bracket to the new door surrounds with the provided screws. This is where the Sunrider portion of the top attaches to.

There are two hand screws on the top of the door original surrounds. Take them out and remove the surrounds. Place the new ones on the Jeep, install with the new hand screws and move on to the next step. (Pro Tip; install the front support bar now. That way instead of bending and twisting you just slot it between the surrounds.)


OK, take a deep breath. You will be cutting your roll bar cover. I know it’s scary but you can do it. Open the top of the roll bar cover, the area over the soundbar. You will remove the front bolt on both sides. Roughly 6 mm below the zipper and seam you will make a cut large enough to install the bracket that Bestop supplies. This mounts the tension wire and spring. Replace the bolt through the new bracket and zip it all back together.

The next step is to swear, pull, swear, pull, swear and swear some more. Word of advice, the warmer the day the easier the first install is. You will tug, pull, stretch and eventually get it all together. A couple of tips.

You have to install the back window first. Everything else attaches to it. DO NOT tighten it or cinch it all down until the end. The side windows zip at the top and the rear, they have a plastic insert that gives structure and form to the corners. The hardest part of this is getting the edges wrapped around the door surrounds. Once these are in you can get everything stretched and zipped. Once it is all done it works easily and the top looks good as you can see below.

There is one minor quibble, the rear seat headrests poke into the rear window. Seems a little ridiculous but you can see in the official install video the same condition. Our advice, remove the headrests if it really bugs you. We are looking at getting ours cut down as we use them to hold a dog cover.

Check back for the long term review as we live with this top and put it through its paces. Check out our Featured Partners page to see who supports 4WAAM.

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