Tires. We all need them no matter what vehicle we drive. Buying tires is like buying shoes. Fit, appearance, function, and of course price all are part of the selection process. But what makes tire shopping better than shoe shopping is your size 16 wheel can accommodate various sizes of tires and your feet…well that’s just one size.

The Atturo Trail Blade AT fits all of those requirements. Our set was ordered in an LT265/75R16. The overall height is 31.7 inches on an 8-inch rim. Tread depth is a generous 12mm and the tires weigh in at 48.7 pounds and you can run a max air pressure of 80 psi. Always run the recommended tire pressure for the vehicle, not the tire. In the case of our Land Rover Discovery, we are running the tires at 32 PSi.

The tires mounted and balanced quite well on the Hunter tire changer and balancer. Weight required to balance was minimal and the road force numbers were extremely low for an LT rated tire. Even low for a passenger car tire. That’s always a good sign and points to a quality built tire.

On Road

On road tire noise is almost nonexistent with the windows up and with the windows down just enough hum to remind you this is not a street tire. The ride is smooth and there is no vibration. On road feedback is good and when pushed in a corner the tires grip firmly and track well.

Rain traction is very good. The circumferential grooves help to push water out from under the tire and maintain positive contact with the road surface. Generally, with larger tires they tend to hydroplane more, with the contact patch and overall profile of the Trailblade AT this is not an issue.


Off-road traction is excellent, we did not air down and still had good grip through dirt, mud, and rocks. The tires cleaned out quickly when mud built up and kicked up the loose dirt plenty as they chewed their way up hills. The grip was maintained while going downhill and at no time was there a feeling of not being connected to the terrain under the vehicle. The built-in rim protectors, while not needed, are a nice piece of mind.

The Atturo Trail Blade AT is a fantastic all-terrain tire for anyone looking to make a vehicle a little more capable while not breaking the bank.

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  1. Hello! I was wondering how you would rate the Atturo Trailblade in snow and ice? I live in NY and I’m wondering how they handle fresh powder, packed, and slush conditions. I’m trying to find the best tire for my sons (18yo) Chevy Trailblazer that isn’t going to break the bank! Thanks in advance!!

    1. They performed average in snow and ice. Depending on where in NY you live they may not be the best tire. If you live where snowfall is moderate they will perform safely. If you live in heavier snowfall areas I would recommend a more aggressive AT tire or a special purpose snow tire. Grabber ATX is my ideal choice. The Treadwright Warden, if the price is the primary concern, would perform better then the Atturo in deeper snow. It’s based on a very good design and has all the features you would need.

      Not sure what size you need but they can be had for mid $100 range and can be purchased with K Edge that improves snow and ice performance.

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