This is just an initial impression on the difference between the new setup and the Mickey Thompson Classic III wheels and Deegan 38 tires.

First impression is how much narrower the Interco TrXus tires are. The tread width is just over half an inch narrower and the tire has a more rounded profile on the edges. The TrXus tires are taller as well. Yes, they are the exact same size but they are not the same size. The numbers on the side of the tires both say 37×12.5×17 but they are different in every dimension.

I haven’t had a chance to weigh the package per wheel but there is a noticeable difference with the new setup coming in several pounds lighter. The installer who mounted the tires is the same one who did the Deegan 38 tires. He was surprised by the lighter weight of the mounted package. Some of this is the tire and some of it is the new Method Race Wheels.

The other advantage is the lug nut holes. They aren’t recessed and leave the shank of the lug nut almost fully exposed. This is a huge bonus off road if you have to do a tire repair in the mud where access is already limited.

The new wheels have less off set than the Mickey Thompson’s that I took off but I have more clearance from the inner edge of the tire to the suspension components.

We are taking a road trip this weekend so we will know pretty quickly how these do on the road and hopefully off road trails as well.

You can see below the difference in profiles and the width.

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