This is a bit of a PSA and a little bit about customer service. Pretty much every new car sold gets a survey that follows it. One for the sales experience, which they always beg you for 10’s, and one for the vehicle.

The one for the vehicle has turned out to be very important in our latest purchase. It brought customer service into an issue that we ordinarily would have let go and maybe been a little negative about to others. So while it made a problem more in your face, it kept that problem from being a black on eye on the manufacturer. Confusing I know but I will endeavor to explain.

Almost two months ago we purchased Project Hard Rock, it was a glorious moment. Jeep’s most capable off road vehicle ever sold to the public in our greasy palms. High fives and High Life were exchanged.

When going over the Jeep several days later some paint defects were noticed. Dirt under the clear, runs on the door, and minor imperfections. Nothing major but annoying on an expensive vehicle. Cue the survey.

Like we said these were annoying but not major issues and other than someone who is two inches away you won’t see them unless someone goes “Hey check this out.” When filling out the innocuous survey we took the time to put these quibbles in the text boxes. To our surprise FCA (Fiat Chrysler) responded in the form of a case number, a case manager, and an elevated status. All of this before knowing the story behind the Jeep, Project Hard Rock, or 4WAAM were part of the equation.

Two trips to the dealer later we have a path of repair working. The first trip was to document the areas and confirm what I was complaining about existed. This is very fair as sometimes these things can be easily remedied without much effort. Trip two that took place today was to assess how to repair the areas and to photo document them for Chrysler Corporate to best engage with the dealer who to remedy the issue. That outcome is in process.

What all this means is that the corporations are listening, they are paying attention to the mailers, the surveys, the opinion polls from the people. Who better to tell them what’s right, and what’s wrong than the owner of the vehicle. That’s you and me! So fill out those surveys and make a difference.

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William Connor

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