So the other day I made a comment about Dyna Beads on FaceBook. Dyna Beads disagrees with my assessment and are going to send us some of their product to test. Will I be eating my words?

Here is the sales pitch from the Dyna Bead web site. There are quite a few testimonials about the product listed on their website and I have certainly met folks who swear by them. I have also met those who are categorically against them. We will be putting the beds into the TrXus MT pictured above.

“Dyna Beads offers Tire Balancing without the machine

Wheel weights have been around for many years, but are no longer the only solution for trucks, commercial vehicles, trailers, aircraft and motorcycles. We want you to get the highest possible tire mileage by using our products.

The way we do this is by offering a Dynamic Balancing Solution, a high-density ceramic bead that, when easily installed, continuously balances your tires as you drive. The amount of material will distribute itself in weight and position dependent on the balance requirements of the individual tire.

The result is a smooth, vibration-free ride, derived from our balancing media that is always repositioning itself as the tire wears. If you own a pickup truck, commercial truck, motorhome, RV, tractor trailer, motorcycle, or similar vehicle, and want to get rid of those wheel vibration and tire cupping problems, then you need to move up to Dyna Beads®!”

I look forward to testing these in our Jeep and our motorcycle over at Expect a full report with a long term follow up on how they perform.

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