I love camping, the smell of fresh pine, the smoke from a campfire, that feeling in the air after a light rain is amazing. Sometimes when I travel I want to sleep in a nice bed, in a room with air conditioning, and be able to take a shower whenever I want to.

On our last trip to Pennsylvania, I made exactly that choice. I decided to stay in a beautiful bed and breakfast in Elysburg PA called the Sleepy Hollow B&B.

Why not a hotel?

It’s a great question. There are plenty of hotels near the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area to stay at. They are reasonably priced and are generally in good condition.

Bed and breakfasts have a few amenities that you just won’t get at a hotel. The first is a completely home cooked breakfast made fresh for you every morning. In the case of Sleepy Hollow, they also make fresh baked goods every day.

A B&B will have plenty of private rooms to choose from and in the case of Sleepy Hollow most rooms have a private entrance, all have private bathrooms, and the room I stayed in had it’s own sleeping loft, with a downstairs sitting area complete with fireplace.

Even when full a B&B will have less people staying there. That means less noise, less commotion, and less commotion. A vacation should be a getaway and a B&B provides that.

The view from the small porch sitting area was wonderful. We were less than 5 minutes from town yet all I saw were trees and farmland. You could go for a leisurely walk or just sit and enjoy nature.

The food!

Jim, the owner, made breakfast both days I stayed with them. We had a wonderful morning chat and then I ate wonderfully delicious food. It was like I was at my Great Grandmother’s house for breakfast.

Jim made an egg scramble with ham and cheese, home fries, a sliced banana with orange for garnish, and perfectly done toast. Plenty of good coffee and surprisingly the option of cranberry juice.

This may have been taken after some had already been eaten!

The next morning I had french toast, bacon, homemade coffee cake, and more of that coffee. The best part was that bit of conversation each day, just simple talk between people that makes small towns so much friendlier and more pleasant to spend time in.

You should go there.

Whether you have spent time at a B&B at some point or have never been to one I highly recommend Sleepy Hollow. It’s a low-key environment to stay in with plenty of places to eat, get gas, get supplies, and just enjoy the scenery. They are also located very near Knoebels amusement park. Prices start at $109 per night which is very reasonable considering breakfast is included, and that breakfast isn’t boxed eggs, stale bagels, and prepackaged jam.

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