Many people don’t want to travel and stay in a tent in the middle of the woods. They also don’t want to stay in the traditional hotel or motel with screaming kids, and loud next room tenants. 

The alternative is renting a cabin. You get the privacy of a home and a more secluded location than a tent in a campground. Let’s be realistic, there is nothing compared to the seclusion you can find with a tent and some good hiking shoes but freezing temperatures and spouses aren’t always up for that.


I turned 40 this past week and for my birthday my loving wife rented us a cabin in WV from Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins. The luxury part refers to the amenities that are available in the cabins. The one we have for a few days is equipped with a full kitchen, 2 bathrooms, three bedrooms, a washer and dryer, and is pet-friendly. There is a microwave, toaster, a dishwasher, and all the pots and pans you need to cook meals for the whole family.


There is also a gas fireplace. I mentioned that point separately because it is the one feature I don’t like. I definitely prefer to build my own fire with wood and keep it stoked for warmth. In speaking with the manager I understand why they did it. “City folk have a hard time building the fire properly.” After responding to renters who have smoked themselves out of their cabins multiple times their argument makes sense.


Tons of warm wood, massive windows, a wrap around deck, and a hot tub round out the amenities. Entertainment comes from DirectTV and the supplied DVD player.


Pricing varies depending on whether it is the weekend or weekday. Weekdays are around $170 and weekends are $240 for a cabin this size. Smaller ones cost less and are cozier but not pet-friendly. If you decide to visit tell them you saw it on 4 Wheels and a Motor!

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