It was just a few days ago that we published the on-road review of the Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 M/T tires. Now we have ripped them off road we are back to tell you the rest of the story.

We covered a lot of ground in the on-road review. Talking about road noise, handling, and traction. For the off-road review, we are going to focus on traction and traction.


We have already discussed how well the tires handled the wet, snow, and dry. Well, not as well in the dry as some others.

Like most pictures, this does nothing to show the actual angle and difficulty of this hill.

So today was mud, mud, wet grass, and mud. Did I mention the mud? Sure there were some roots, some rocks, and some mud. The terrain here in Maryland isn’t terribly rocky but these are a mud terrain so it seemed far more appropriate to tackle their intended tractive surface.

There isn’t a whole lot to say. They went over the river, through the woods, and made it all the way to grandmother’s house with all of the drama of driving a Toyota Camry to the corner grocery store. Dead stop in the mud, walked right out. Up the hill, bit of tire spin and some sliding. Throw the lockers on and that goes away, it pulls straight up and gets a little boring in places. We didn’t even air it down – so we can only imagine how well they would perform with that extra available traction.

Gravel, sand, and dirt were not an issue either. We did slide on the roots but without spikes or hooks, every tire will. Those big lugs you see in the picture above cleared all of the mud out in short order and gave a mud shower to anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Buy or Sell?

This is a much shorter review than the on-road and there is a good reason for that. There are a lot of pros and cons with these tires off-road. The only con is if you do a lot of rock crawling the thinner sidewall could be a longevity issue. If you run sand, mud, slick rock, wet grass or leaves, or any other surface not as prone to puncture these tires will rock it out.

So these are a definite buy with almost no downside for most drivers. At $360 they are a well-priced option from a legendary tire manufacturer. (Size 37×12.5×17)

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