Everyone wants to have better lighting on their vehicle. The more you can see the safer you are when driving. Better lights make it easier to see animals, people, potholes, and many other hazards.

What we wanted to test was how well the less expensive imported lights that big outlets like Amazon sells stack up against more expensive options. Unfortunately, no one would step and take the challenge so we only reviewed the Amazon lights by themselves. After running these for the last several months I know why no one took the challenge.

Which ones are we using?

The ones we chose are made by LX-Light and the model is 7” Black Daymaker LED Headlights that also have the fog lights included for $138. Considering that most LED HEadlights are $300 or more with no accessories included these are a massive steal. The lights are a little less than 4.5 star rating and were in the top 5 listed when we ordered a set.


One of the great bits about these lights is the built-in EMC function. Unlike many other less expensive LED lights no additional anti-flicker harness is needed. The housing is a cast aluminum that is IP67 rated waterproof. They are a simple plug and go and have all the connectors you need in the package.

How do they perform?   

You can see the pattern is not a full swath like a traditional halogen. The photo makes these ever more apparent than when you are driving. I haven’t had any moments where I wished they covered more.

The pattern discrepancy is a function of their split design. The lights are not reflector based and use 4 separate zones of LEDs. This is not my favorite design but it does mimic several high-end lights.

They are a 10 times better light than the factory halogen lights. Brighter, wider beam, and better looking than the factory lights as well you really can’t go wrong with these lights.

With the performance you get out of these lower priced units it’s no surprise no one wanted to go head to head. We have worked with other LED headlights and performance for your dollar they don’t stack up.


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  1. The summary for this review seems like a riddle. Did you like them or not?

    “We have worked with other LED headlights and performance for your dollar they don’t stack up.” Do these LAD lights not stack up, or does the expensive alternative not hold up?

    1. These held up against the more expensive lights. We ended up having an issue later on and the company replaced it immediately.

  2. Awesome, I’m glad I found your review. I was wondering about these as a friend of mine paid $1200 for his LED lights! I read all the reviews on Amazon and it seemed like a steal. I just ordered them and can’t wait to get them in!

  3. I’ve noticed there is no Lux rating where would I go to find that out because having high looms doesn’t always mean it is better visibility I was told Lux plays a big part

    1. The manufacturer may have that data. I don’t have it. I will say that they worked really well for driving at night, even in overcast rain.

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