The first season of the Grand Tour was exciting, riveting, and far too often not that good. From the groundhog day military exercise to the ridiculousness that was Celebrity Brain Crash the first season light on cars and long on weird.

Season Two

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

From the very first start of season 2, the Grand Tour is markedly improved. There are currently three episodes and there are three car films!

Episode 1 saw three supercars representing the past, present, and future. Or more accurately Jeremy, James, and Richard. It featured moping, griping, many jokes, insults, and of course Richard crashing.

Personally, I think Richard’s choice of accommodations is to blame for the crash. Colonics, wheat germ, and all greens are enough to push anyone over the edge. Starvation can cause poor decision making, like missing the finish line.

Episode 2 introduced us to the new driver. The “American” is out by popular demand. The replacement is a world class driver and winner of several championships in her career. Abbie Eaton won the 2009 Production Touring Car championship and the 2014 Mazda MX5 Supercup. You can read more about her on her Wikipedia page “Abbie Eaton”.

Not to be outdone by that stupendous announcement, Jeremy saddled an all-new Ford GT and raced James and Richard from New York City to Niagara Falls. Watching James practically die while pushing Richard in a wheelchair shows how much they really want to beat each other. It’s a geriatric version of Impractical Jokers with cars.

I totally forgot about the other part of the show that’s much better. Celebrity Face Off. Each pair is chosen due to a quirk of similarity. The fastest former talent show judge, the fastest man who lives with a bear etc… They race on a combined dirt asphalt track in a modified Jaguar! It’s glorious fun, conversation, and the celebrities have all driven pretty well.

Episode 3 highlighted a review of the all-new Kia Stinger, Jeremy ripping around France, Switzerland, and Italy in a Bugatti Chiron, and more jokes at Richards expense.

Final Thoughts

Last year I enjoyed the show and mostly binge watched episodes when I thought about it. This season I am anticipating the next episode and watch it within a day or two of it being released. Talk about a turn around in interest level.


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