The Fiat 500X is FCA’s response to a booming compact crossover market, and they hope to build on the success of the 500 City Car.

Using the same retro styling cues as the 500, but with jacked-up proportions, the 500X is based on a much larger platform shared with the Jeep Renegade and comes with the choice of front or all wheel drive, plus a wide choice of engines with both manual and automatic transmissions available.

There are two versions available – a road oriented model and a more rugged ‘Cross’ version only available with all-wheel drive and better suited to light off-roading.

The 500 isn’t the best car in its class excelling at nothing yet being very capable at everything, The Camry of the small car world. It’s sold almost 1.5 million units worldwide since the launch. Why? Because it looks cool. Fiat claims that 60 per cent of buyers in this market segment styling is their primary motivation.  The 500’s retro cues, such as the double circular headlights, ‘mustache’ grille and curved panels have been given a little added machismo.

Standard versions get smoother, sportier-looking front and rear bumpers,  while the X models have a more rugged and chunkier bumpers, visible skid plates and roof rails. This is a much bigger car than its main rivals including the MINI Countryman and Nissan Juke.

On the inside the retro theme continues with a colored plastic inserts stretching right across the dash and bits of chrome on the door handles and vent surrounds.

It’s a pretty nice ride and we can’t wait to try and get some seat time with it. In the mean time check out the video and see if what you think. Personally we are partial to the Renegade based on the same platform.

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