So the title is a little misleading. These aren’t really kabobs, more like Redneck Dough Meat but Redneck Kabobs sounded a ton better.

Minimal ingredients, cooking utensils you can make from sticks in the woods, make this recipe easy to cook and easy to pack.


Dough: Flour, yeast, salt, water (Follow the mixture recommendations on the packets you choose.) Another option that I like is using remade doughs. Pillsbury crescent rolls or other dough works great.

Filling: Any kind of chopped meat, with salt, pepper, or whatever you favorite spices are. If you are vegan you can use vegetables with the same technique.


A wooden stick long enough to reach the coals and keep you safe.
A campfire with good coals.


Dissolve the yeast in a cup of water. Mix the water/yeast with the flour and salt. Knead it until it is pliable and thick enough to hold a form.

Mix all the ingredients so that the consistency is very pliable and easily formable. You don’t want it soupy or wet. Form the dough it into 1 inch wide strips.

Next you are going to skewer the meat onto the stick. Take those dough strips and wrap the meat with the dough. It should look like an Auntie Anne’s pretzel dog.

4WAAM-Auntie Anne's-Pretzel Dog


Roast your kabob over the coals. Be very patient, this isn’t a quick cook, but it is worth the wait. The more meat and dough you put on your stick, the longer the roasting will take. Some times it´s faster to make to smaller “Kabobs” than one big meat stick.

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