Campfire Recipes – Orange Peel Muffins

Tread lightly is one of the more important tenets of off-road culture. To take out everything that you took in with you is imperative to keeping our trails and camp areas beautiful and ready for the next person. Today’s recipe takes that a step further by recycling fruit rinds to make breakfast.

  • 6 – Oranges
  • 2 – 7 oz muffin mix packs of any flavor you like.

I like to use a fruit muffin mix like blueberry or apple cinnamon.


Cut the oranges in half. Remove the orange half from the rind and enjoy the day before or as you wait for the muffins to cook.

Follow the packet directions to prep the muffin mix. They aren’t as tasty, but the water only mixes works best when camping.

Fill the orange peel half full with batter. Wrap the filled orange peel loosely in aluminum foil, making sure the batter side stays up.

Place them in the coals and cook for 6-10 minutes. Cook time will vary based on your campfire, the temperature, etc. Just wing it and stop when they are done.

It takes 3 whole oranges per packet of mix, usually. This recipe will make 12 so just cut the muffin mix to 1 to make 6. You get the idea.

Eat up.

Nothing like a warm muffin to start the day. Not just warmed up either, freshly made on the embers of your campfire. That’s living right.

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