Love bread, can’t eat gluten, then guess what. Cornbread is the answer. Not only does it satisfy those carb cravings it is delicious, filling, and well delicious.

Sure you could bring a pre-made cornbread mix, you could also go back home and order take-out. You are camping so make your own.

All that’s required is cornmeal, salt, water, a little grease, and a skillet.

Pour half a cup of cornmeal into a bowl and work in a spoonful of fat (bacon grease or butter). Stir in water, and add salt to taste.

Coat the skillet with grease, and heat over the fire until it starts to smoke. Pour in the mixture, but leave room on each side so you can flip the bread over. You want to flip it over when the bottom is browned.

When it’s done, serve warm, and cut your delicious cornbread into however many pieces you need.

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