Installed new bumpers on the full-size rig and now new bumpers on the little rig. The Ascender platform has been tons of fun to drive around, where it falls short is those accessories you can just buy off the shelf. Thanks to RC4WD you do have some bumper options. Through their Tough Armor brand, you now have at least one choice in the aftermarket bumper game if you are an Ascender owner.

Installation is straight forward. Remove the stock bumpers, fit the supplied brackets onto the chassis and bolt the bumper on. For the rear, I did notice the chassis screws weren’t tight and the frame rails were a little wider than the bumper mount. After tightening everything up it all fit very nicely.

The one issue with this setup is the length of the brackets. These were designed to fit with the blazer body so they stick out a massive distance from the much shorter Bronco platform. You can clearly see that in the picture below.


The front bumper also sticks out some but not as bad. You can see the replica Warn winch mounted and it definitely still has plenty of space.


The Bronco platform is newer and definitely not as popular as the original Blazer body. That means that many parts have to be adapted to fit it properly. The brackets supplied have plenty of adjustment slot, and with a little trimming can be made to fit this body. Hopefully, as this body style sells more RC4WD will offer shorter brackets.


The other item of note is you will have to trim the body to sit properly. The Bronco body has a faux molded bumper. This needs to be removed so the body can fully drop to ride height.

At $42.99 for the rear and $37.99 for the complete front bumper (including brackets), the price is very fair. You get a set of full metal bumpers, machined, and powder coated, that really does look great. I wish I could buy bumpers for the full size that were this value priced and fit as easily.

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