Vaterra’s Ascender is one wonderful platform as your first RC or to continue your RC adventures. Capable, well designed, and real suspension geometry deliver maximum performance.

One of the areas that the Ascender platform lags behind the competition is the availability of accessories. Thankfully RC4WD, one of the best names in RC accessories, has developed a few accessories for the platform.

We have several accessories we will install in upcoming articles but today we are going to focus on the sliders. The Ascender kit comes with branded Vaterra sliders as does the Blazer RTR. The Bronco RTR does not. Which seems a bit unfair, you pay the same price as the Blazer but lose the rear bumper, the sliders, and because of the shorter wheel base you also lose the extra suspension pieces that allow wheelbase changes. That’s complaint for another review.

The RC4WD sliders are exactly what you would want on your RC truck or your real truck – simple, strong, and stylish.

The Ascender makes attachment easy, there are two predrilled holes on the chassis components. Simply take the supplied screws and mount them on the chassis.

That’s it, the sliders are installed, and your RC is now better able to tackle obstacles, and protect the chassis.

Check them out at Before I forget these all metal sliders are only $29.99. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the front and rear Tough Armor bumpers and Warn winch with wireless controller!

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