Robbie Gordon has been a polarizing personality in every series he’s ever competed in. Brash, honest, and unapologetic about his racing style Robbie has won in almost every series he’s competed. His Stadium Super Trucks series is arguably his most amazing accomplishment and possibly the greatest show on 4-wheels.

A little history.

The Stadium Super Trucks (SST), officially the Speed Energy Stadium Super Trucks and formerly known as Speed Energy Formula Off-Road, is an American and Australian off-road racing series created by off-road racer and former IndyCar and NASCAR driver Robby Gordon in 2013. Sanctioned by the United States Auto Club (USAC) in America with title sponsorship from Gordon’s Speed Energy brand, the series utilizes identical off-road trucks that originally competed primarily in American football stadiums, but in 2014 began racing mostly on street circuits and road courses, often in conjunction with the IndyCar Series race schedules.

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Check out some action from Surfer’s Paradise in Australia.

2015 SST Gold Coast Race 3 - Stadium SUPER Trucks

These are trucks that carry a front wheel down the straight, slide into the corners, jump off of ramps, and occasionally roll over and keep on racing. Like this win from Arie Luyendyk JR where he flips and then goes on to win the race.

Flip And Win For Arie Luyendyk Jr At Road America

The best part of all of this is how it’s run.

The series preps and maintains all of the trucks. If you remember the old IROC series that NASCAR did, where drivers of different disciplines raced in identical race cars you get the basic idea of the series. It’s a driver’s series rewarding those with exceptional skill, and a healthy lack of fear.

2019 Gold Coast Race 1 - Stadium SUPER Trucks

Here is a clip from the inaugural season when the series ran on dirt in sports stadiums.

2013 Stadium SUPER Trucks Round 14 Las Vegas SST on NBC Broadcast

This is one of the most entertaining racing series out there and I really wish there were more races, more teams, more drivers, more sponsors, and I want to race one.

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